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Parking Schiphol

There are multiple options to park your car at or near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This is not necessarily difficult, but it can be expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to plan ahead. Especially if you want to park your car longer than a couple of days, it may be cheaper to make a reservation in advance.

Short stop

If you are just dropping someone off or picking someone up, Schiphol ‘Kiss & Ride‘ is the best option. These parking spots are right across the Arrival Hall. However, you are only allowed to quickly drop someone off or pick someone up. Parking is forbidden.

When you need more time, you should park at P1 Short Term Parking. The costs for parking here is 1 euro per 11 minutes, and you are allowed to park there for up to 48 hours. From here, you can walk to the terminal in 3 to 6 minutes. Until October 2017, parking was free for the first 15 minutes. This is no longer the case.


If you need a parking spot for less than 48 hours, your best choice is ‘Short Term Parking’ at P1. These are at walking distance of the main terminal hall of Schiphol. It will cost you 1 euro per 11 minutes or 37.50 per day. Use the following address for your navigation system: Ceintuurbaan Zuid, Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer.

Two days or longer

When parking for three days or more, there are several options. You can use the official ‘Schiphol P3 Long Term Parking’, where you will get a discount if you make a reservation in advance (3 days: €45, see website). If you prefer parking in a car park building, this option is also available at P3 for a higher rate (3 days: €57.50, when booked in advance, see website).

Valet Parking

Another option is valet parking. When using this service you park in front of Schiphol’s terminal, give your keys to an employee, and they will park your car safely. When coming back from your trip, your car will be ready in front of the terminal again. Besides the official Valet Parking services of Schiphol, there are several alternativese: